Personal stories about my life, starting at 12 years old.

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Memory Four: Secret Trip To Palm Springs


It was early morning and the sun was bright. The sky a flawless shade of blue, and the air crisp, clear and cold.

Memory Three: The Cigarette Shack


One more chore was added to our list. Anna and I were required to work in Chris’s cigarette shack on the weekends. It was a 12ft x 12ft shack made out of plywood, next to I-10 at the Banning pass. Chris’s cigarette shack sat like a discarded shoebox on the dusty side of Hadley’s Fruit Orchard.

Memory Two: A Leg in My Childhood Journey


Over the next several weeks Anna and I got more settled with life on the reservation, but we didn’t like it any more than the first day. Mom enrolled us in the nearest public school, it wasn’t on the reservation, but the reservation kids attended. I don’t remember the name of it, I’ll just call it school No. “7”.

Anna, Justin, Donny and Me-Sacramento CA

Memory One- The Morongo Indian Reservation


Anna and I were shown to the room we were going to share by Chris’s mom, Mrs. Morgan. The furniture in the room was old. There was a framed black and white photo of Mrs. Morgan as a young woman with her three son’s Chris, Daniel and Lee, surrounded by little knickknacks and souvenirs from her life on the dresser.

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