Personal stories about my life, starting at 12 years old.

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The Hollywood Tropicana


The stark realities of growing up in poverty and the hard choices made to survive.

Memory 13 – Hollywood Meets Century City


I had to stop thinking, but I couldn’t. All I did was think, and I was absolutely the most unqualified person for the job. It was the same series of self imposed thoughts that brought me back to asking the ultimate question: Why was it that some people didn’t have any struggles whatsoever and lead Read More

  • Date 06/10/2013
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Frontside of Post Card Sent From Donny

Memory 12-Hollywood, California


Out of one life and into another—how many lives are there for one person to live within a given life time? No matter which life or town I was in, it didn’t seem to take any effort to be popped into the next existence. Dad was dead and all we had left of him was Read More

  • Date 01/22/2013
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Dad's Passport Photo (19 yrs old)

Memory Eleven: Dad’s Funeral


I returned to Sacramento, this time to bury Dad. Anna, Donny, Justin, Mom and I attended the funeral at G. Cuigis and Sons Chapel of The Valley with a gathering to follow at my Dad’s house.

  • Date 12/28/2012
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My favorite picture-Dad, Justin, Donny and me (9 Months old) standing on the hood of dad's car.
Sacramento, CA

Memory Ten: First Summer With Dad


The end of my first visit after 11 years of not seeing my father was drawing to a close, Anna had planned a birthday party for all three of us because our birthdays were all in a row.

Anna, Dad and Me First Few Day Of Being Reunited- Palm Springs Ca

Memory Nine: Summer Trip To Sacramento


Anna had been in Sacramento for almost four weeks by the time I made the trip north from Palm Springs. It was the first time we had ever been separated. Dad and I pulled in the driveway from the airport and Anna came running out to greet me, bouncing with excitement.

Anna, Dad and Me--The first time seeing our dad after an 11 year separation. Palm Springs, CA

Memory Eight: Palm Springs – Dad Arrives


The morning of my Dad’s arrival, I could tell mom felt concerned about what might come of his visit, because she sat quietly looking at the floor in deep thought. Throughout our childhood we were told several stories, as to why she could never let us see him, one of which was, “He told me, he would take you away to Greece and I’d never see you again.

My favorite picture-Dad, Justin, Donny and me (9 Months old) standing on the hood of dad's car.
Sacramento, CA

Memory Seven: Palm Springs – Finding Dad


Anna and I loved Palm Springs; we loved our school, friends and the distinct feeling of being normal, or at least what I imagined normal to feel like. After my first photo shoot with Rick, I was more certain than ever that I wanted to be a model. Mom worked most of the time and Read More

  • Date 12/21/2012
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My first photo shoot- 13 years old-Palm Springs CA

Memory Six: Palm Springs: Our New Life


We settled into our new life in Palm Springs, the Morongo Indian Reservation was quickly fading into its proper place, oblivion. I was halfway past my 13th birthday, we had nice friends, Mom got a job cutting hair downtown, and I loved our new school Raymond Cree. I even had my very first crush: his name was Jerry Lindel, and I thought he was the most handsome boy I had ever seen, but Anna said, “He was homely and a geek.”

Memory Five: The Escape


We pulled up in front of the house were we saw Chris standing, barefoot, holding a belt in his hand and a look of fury on his face.

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