About The Author


Hello, My name is Elena Davis, and I am the author of the stories posted here, which are personal stories about my life starting at 12 years old.

The stories are real and the people are real, but all names have been changed to honor privacy for the exception of my sister, Anna, Mother and Father.

Through sharing my story over the past nine months on Facebook, I’ve had friends and family lovingly encourage me to write a book. Until then, this blog is my creative answer to allowing the story to unfold. There are details and events that I have omitted, until they can be shared in a more fitting context.

The Basics: My childhood was filled with poverty, transience and lived on the margins of society. At 16 years old I became a successful International model and at 24 years old I was introduced to my future husband at a dinner party for the Duchess of York.

Three years later at 27 years old, I married into one of the most affluent families in the United Sates. My life became a perfect fairy tale, far from the streets on which I had been raised and surpassed anything I had ever imagined possible for a girl that was considered a nobody from nowhere.

However, as with all fairy tales, there comes a time of waking to a higher purpose and calling. In looking back it’s apparent that my painful and dangerous childhood experiences were a preparation for what lie ahead.

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